Bleach Lough Anglers Limited Rules
By signing the Membership Application Form, you agree to be subject to, and adhere to, these rules. Please read the rules carefully and comply with them at all times.
Please check the website for regular updates.

General Rules

1.      These rules are governed by the Memorandum and Articles of Association and subsequent bye-laws of BLEACH LOUGH ANGLERS LIMITED (hereafter referred to as Co). Instructions from Board members, Water Keepers, Safety Officers, Competition Stewards must be followed at all times.
2.      Always carry your permit on your person, when fishing on Co. controlled waters. If asked to produce them, you must do so. You may not fish without your permit. As well as permits, storage bags, boats, vehicles etc, may be inspected at any time by members of the Board and by Water Keepers.
3.      Permit holders must enter Bleach Lough fishing area through the main entrance, and not through adjoining lands. You must respect the rights & properties of land owners.
4.      The Co., and land owners adjoining Bleach Lough, will not be responsible for loss or damage to your property, for personal injury or loss of life sustained by you or anybody who may accompany you while fishing or visiting Co. waters.
5.      Fishing on Co. waters is permitted from 8:00am to sundown or 10:00p.m. (whichever is earlier or at the discretion of the board). Check Notice-board for Gate closing times.
The opening date for trout fishing is 1st March 2024, and the closing date for trout fishing is 30th November 2024, dates to be confirmed . (“Trout Season”).     

Note: During periods when volunteer work is being carried out, lake is temporarily closed until completion. The Board reserves the right to close the lake for indefinite times throughout the season. Any trout inadvertently caught outside the Trout Season must be returned to the water.
6.      Always maintain a high standard of Sportsmanship, and show courtesy to other anglers. Fish a reasonable distance from other anglers. Take note of signs to restricted areas.
7.      Non Discrimination: The Company operates a strict non-discrimination policy. No discrimination will be accepted on any grounds, and especially on grounds of Age, Gender, Race, Politics, Religious Belief, Disability, Sexual orientation or Membership of any specific Community.
8.      Safety Statement and Child Protection Policy. It is each member’s responsibility to be aware of, and adhere to, the requirements of the Co. Safety Statement and Child Protection Policy.
9.      Health, safety and the environment. All litter must be removed from site. Litter includes cigarette ends, line and hooks. (You brought it with you, bring it home). No fish to be gutted on site. NOTE: In addition to immediate suspension for breach of this rule, offenders are liable to prosecution. Items placed in Company containers/offices, or Public access areas, must not be left in such a manner as to cause a safety issue.
Under Age
10.  (i) Children (up to the age of 13) must be accompanied and supervised by an adult (parent or guardian) while fishing on Co. waters (boat & shore fishing).
(ii) Juveniles between the ages of 13years and 14yrs are allowed fish at shore, provided they are monitored regularly by parent or guardian and wear a life jacket at all times.
(iii) Juveniles (up to the age of 18) must be accompanied and supervised by an adult (parent or guardian) while boat fishing on Co. waters. N.B: Adult must be a member or social member for insurance purposes.
(iv) No U14 Juvenile are be allowed in the club house except when accompanied by a parent or guardian.
(v) No U14 Juvenile are allowed in the car park, on the fishing platform or on the bank of the lake when they are not engaged in fishing.
11.  Members are day ticket owners are allowed to have only ONE rod in use at any given time during Trout Season.
12.  Types of baiting permitted for trout: flies, worms, spinners. No feeders, maggots, dies, nets or any form of illegal fishing are allowed. Please report any suspicion or evidence of illegal fishing as quickly as possible.                
NOTE: In addition to immediate suspension for breach of this rule, offenders are liable to prosecution.
13.  Annual Permit holders may not remove more than 3 trout in any one day. Day permit holders may not remove more than 2 fish in any one day. Permit holders may not remove more than 8 trout in any 7 day period. You are requested to return all adult (5lb+) trout to the lake.
New: Fish limit of 5 no. fish per family per day, i.e. plus 1,2 or more juveniles, all adults have 3 fish limit.    
Note: Worm fishing by way of Size 2 (or larger) Barbless hooks only. Spinner fishing by way of barbless hooks only. All fish landed by above methods must be counted towards Quota.
14.  National Coarse Fishing Bye-laws must be observed at all times.
15.  No fishing from Marina. Entry to Marina is allowed by Authorised persons only. Fob-holders should lock gate after each entry and exit.
16.  Platform fishing: – The wearing of life jackets is recommended at all times when on a platform, and is compulsory on the Disabled Anglers platform. Priority must be given to disabled anglers and old age pensioners on the Disabled platform (i.e. should a disabled angler or old age pensioner wish to use the disabled platform, all other anglers must vacate same.)
Boat Fishing
17.  Boat fishing:  
(i) The wearing of Life jackets is compulsory at all times when in a boat or on   Marina. Buoyancy Aids and Flotation devices are NOT considered Life jackets (Note: see section iv with specific details for children up to the age of 12 years).  
(ii) In addition to immediate suspension for breach of this rule, offenders are liable to prosecution. It is the responsibility of individual boat owners / boat users to ensure that all passengers are wearing life jackets.
(iii) Club Life jackets are for use by Day Permit holders only. Members must provide their own life-jackets.
(iv) Children up to the age of 12yrs are allowed to wear buoyancy aid with a collar in lieu of a life jacket.
18.  Boats must be registered with the Board, meet the standards set by the Safety Officer / Committee Member and passed by him before launch. Boats may not be launched or removed without permission of Safety Officer. No Boat may be launched unless member is fully paid-up. Boats must be regularly bailed out and maintained to a sea- worthy condition at all times, and in a tidy and presentable manner. If the Safety Officer declares a boat to be un-sea-worthy, or for failure to comply with requirements, that boat may not be used on Co. waters until subsequently passed, and may be moved / removed. Any costs involved will become payable by the member.
19.  Boat owners are required to sign Boat Register agreeing to adhere to requirements. Boats may only be launched on Saturdays, between10am and 12 noon, with appointment.
20.   Boat Requirements: Boats must exceed 12feet in length. They must have ID number assigned displayed on both sides of Boat. They must have 6 fenders (minimum), 3 on each side, and additional Bow fender when on Marina. Each Boat must be fitted with a 10mm Bolt once through stern, with protective plate, washers etc. on either side. They must be secured via a 1 ½ m length of 10mm chain and All-weather lock. A spare key must be left with Club to facilitate necessary works. To prevent debris (Paint flakes, hooks, fishing line etc.) being discarded to lake, water being returned must be strained.
21.  Boat owners must secure their boats with locked chain when not in use. (Failure will be considered a Serious Breach of Rules). Boats must be secured correctly to assigned, designated spot, after use. Please consider other boat owners when securing.
22.  Boats MUST be removed from the Lough, to comply with the terms of Lease and at any time, on notification by the Board. Boats parked over winter in Club Car-park must be removed from Car-park by launch date each year.
23.  Also to comply with the terms of Lease, no petrol/diesel engines are allowed on the Lough (electric engines only). No painting, use of chemical or solvent cleaners, or major maintenance is to undertaken on the Lough or adjacent thereto.   
NOTE: In addition to immediate suspension for breach of this rule, offenders are liable to prosecution.
24.  All privately owned boats, or their accessories or contents therein, are left at all times and in every respect entirely at owner’s risk. The Co. will accept no responsibility for their safe custody, nor any loss or damage to same, however caused.
25.  Club boats used by Member or Day Ticket holder must be cleaned out, and secured correctly to designated spot, after use. Oars, Anchors and Key/Fobs must be replaced in designated spot. Responsibility rests with Member/Day Permit holder who books boat. A Fine of €20 will become payable by the person booking boat, for breach, and other sanctions may be applied for serious breach. Reminder: No litter to be discarded from Boats.  Litter includes cigarette ends, line and hooks.
26.  The board of directors reserve the right to refuse membership to the club.
Note: Bleach Lough Anglers reserve the right to update the contents of this document from time to time, and publication of new versions to the web could be delayed. Please check with Company Secretary for exact details.