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Kids Zone

Please send us your drawings about angling at Bleach Lough, and we will publish pictures on the web!!

Safety Tips for Fishing with Kid's at all venues:

Plan your fishing trip. Check the weather-forecast.
Plan how long  you want to go. Never go on your own!!

Parents: Establish rules. No running. Keep your shoes on.
Point Rod to the sky when you walk. Look around before
you cast. Learn the overhead cast first. The overhead cast
teaches proper technique and is safer than side casts.

Set up a buddy system. The youngest anglers need an adult
“buddy” and constant supervision. Make sure each angler,
swimmers and non-swimmers alike, wears a personal flotation
device / life jacket at all times on the boat, on the marina,
on fishing stands or on the shore.

Bring a long-handled fish net, not just for netting fish, but in
case you need to reach out to someone in the water.
It will also retrieve trash or valuables from the water.

First Aid Kit. You should have a kit with medical supplies to deal with all manner of cuts and scrapes, bruises and bumps, bites and boo-boos. You’re likely to be some distance away from professional medical assistance so remember, in the meantime, you’re the “doctor.” First Aid Pocket Pals are a smart addition to the tackle box.

Cold drink breaks. Summer temperatures can get pretty warm, so bring lots of cool water and
other healthy drinks and make sure the young anglers drink fluids often to prevent dehydration or even heat stroke.

Sunscreen. The ultraviolet (UV) light of the sun can do a lot of damage to skin, eyes and lips. Outfit young anglers with proper sunglasses, a billed cap, and clothing appropriate to the climate and sun conditions. Avoid fishing in the middle of the day. Cover face, neck, ears, the back of hands and all exposed skin with sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 15 or higher. Apply chap protection wax on lips.

Insect repellent. Mosquitoes, ticks, bees and other insects not only sting, they can carry diseases of one kind or another. Apply insect repellent. Follow the directions on the container. If your insect repellent contains “Deet,” it may be better to apply it to the clothing instead of the skin.

Safety comes first. All the checklists in the world can’t anticipate all of the safety problems you or your young anglers might encounter on a fishing trip. So the best advice is think safety at all times. Look for trouble before it finds you. If it finds you anyway, know how to deal with it.